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Indianapolis has a proud history of community leadership – that’s what makes the Circle City special. It’s one of our greatest assets, and it’s something we should all cherish.

But if we intend to be a great 21st century city, there is more work to be done when it comes to identifying and growing our pipeline of civic talent.

As Dr. Suzanne Morse suggests in her book Smart Communities, "Strong broad-based leadership is essential to community success. Every community needs ‘people in the field’ – backups and replacements with new skills – to create a winning team. If you watch successful communities, you’ll see they have strong leadership at all levels.”

Indianapolis is fortunate to have a deep bench of experienced community champions that is envied by other cities. But that doesn’t mean we should rest. Our bench gives us a great foundation from which to develop even more talent, and that’s just what we had in mind when we created Leadership Indianapolis.

Leadership Indianapolis is a new organization created by two of central Indiana’s most prominent community leadership groups – the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series® (SKL) and Lacy Leadership Association (LLA). Our mission is to develop and mobilize a robust pipeline of community leaders that can address and solve the issues and opportunities facing our growing metro area – for today and for the future.

We believe that strategic community leadership can increase the vitality, strength and sustainability of Indianapolis. So, a key part of our plan is to build upon what’s already working. But we also plan to identify and fill the gaps that exist in our community leadership continuum. We’ve already pinpointed some of those gaps, and we plan to uncover even more through strategic assessments that we’ll conduct over the coming months.

We are just getting started, and we’ll have more to share as our specific plan of attack takes shape. The core objectives that will drive our work at Leadership Indianapolis are:

  • INSPIRE participants to care, engage and contribute to making Indianapolis a stronger community.
  • EDUCATE participants to become effective and skilled civic leaders.
  • CONNECT people and ideas across organizations, industries, disciplines and neighborhoods, to create powerful networks focused on taking Indianapolis to the next level.
  • ENGAGE participants by providing opportunities to get involved and take action in initiatives and projects that make a difference in our civic challenges and culture.
  • BUILD a diverse and progressive community that is able to meet the challenges and thrive as a 21st century city.

As we inspire, educate, connect, engage and build, we will improve our community and these are the desired outcomes that we expect to see:

  • A broader, deeper and larger pipeline of community leaders.
  • A progressive and diverse coalition of community leaders who stimulate, engage and capture creative solutions and ideas that can benefit the community.
  • An intergenerational community that values the diverse contributions of all.
  • A community that grows and invests in our human capital – "building the civic leadership bench.”
  • A community that values a wide diversity of leadership and provides opportunities for those leaders to "plug in.”
  • Demonstrated progress on civic challenges such as education, economic development, urban environment, workforce development and mass transit.
  • Significant growth in the connection and capacity of citizens to work effectively together across boundaries and ideologies.
  • Increased participation and engagement in the civic life and culture of the greater Indianapolis area.

Leadership Indianapolis will achieve many of these desired outcomes by continuing to offer (and improve upon) SKL, Opportunity Indianapolis, LEAD, Get on Board, and more. But that won’t be enough. So, we’ll be working to develop expanded programming and broader community engagement opportunities.

Indianapolis’s history of community leadership already is special. But now, it’s time to build upon our assets. We look forward to doing just that.

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